Learn Hindi Faster Than I Did!


Overcome Hindi’s unique challenges so you can accelerate your Hindi learning and connect with Hindi speakers faster!

Nothing feels better than being able to connect with someone you otherwise couldn’t have with Hindi. It’s joy to their ears and to us it’s the sweet enriching success of our effort.

Whether you’re a new Hindi Learner or currently studying, Hindi speaking YouTuber, Karl Rock, will give you the keys to overcome Hindi’s unique challenges so you can learn Hindi faster.

Learn Hindi Faster Than I Did! will help you:

  1. Learn Hindi FASTER: Tell you exactly how to learn Hindi, the way he did.
  2. Be understood: Give you the secrets to pronounce Hindi sounds that aren’t in English.
  3. Make it easy: Squash the difficulties of Hindi for English speakers with his tried and tested learning tips!
  4. Ease the pain of: Genders, word order, numbers, aspirated letters, retroflex & dental sounds + more.
  5. Save you money: Does that expensive language learning software work? What does work?

Accelerate your Hindi learning NOW!


Do you want to learn Hindi FASTER?

Struggle with Hindi PRONUNCIATION? Genders? Word order?

Want to know HOW to learn Hindi properly?

“Learning Hindi has been a long journey for me, too long. I wrote this eBook to simply help you learn Hindi faster than I did. I want you to avoid all the difficulties I went through learning Hindi as an English speaker!

Hindi is a tough language for English speakers, there’s no “fluent in 30 days” here. Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced, this is the perfect starting pointing for accelerating your Hindi learning and avoiding the stress I went through with the complexity of Hindi.

I’ve overcome Hindi’s unique challenges and now I want to share with you how I learnt Hindi.

This eBook is like steroids for your Hindi learning, you are going to learn Hindi faster and more efficiently, and connect with Hindi speakers sooner!”With languages you are at home anywhere Karl Rock

Learn Hindi Faster Than I Did! covers:

  1. The keys to learning Hindi that no one tells you.
  2. How to learn Hindi effectively – What works & what DOES NOT.
  3. How to overcome the 5 challenges of Hindi:
    1. Pronounciation of Hindi sounds not found in English.
    2. Pronunciation of aspirated letters.
    3. Simplifies conjuct characters & numbers.
    4. What’s the gender of this word???
    5. Hindi word order.
  4. Diagrams & word drills to help your pronunciation.
  5. How to practice Hindi properly, and more!

About the AuthorKarl Rock With Indian Boys Author Photo

Karl Rock is a Hindi speaking expat currently living in New Delhi, India. He’s experienced and passionate about Indian life and culture and has travelled extensively throughout India and surrounding countries.

He began learning Hindi over 10 years ago but only began to take it seriously when he moved to India. His frustration with his own progress led him to write How To Learn Hindi Faster Than I Did! to help English speakers easily tackle the toughest challenges that Hindi presents to them.

His work has been featured in all major Indian newspapers and his YouTube channel has over 26 million views.

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There is no paperback version of this book available. It’s a digitally enhanced product and short enough to comfortably be read on a screen.